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The price is $2000 and this is what you get for your money.

We do not do daily deals or shortened sessions. What Symbiosis Slimming represents is NOT a quick fix solution, but a new start to looking after yourself. This is a serious step in the right direction for more reasons than just the obvious.

Please read the below very carefully before you engage our services. You would not want us to compromise or short cut your treatments, and in return we ask you to commit to the entire process.


Step 1

Ultra Sonic Cavitation / RF treatments

5 treatments of 2 hours duration each. Which consist of 80 minutes of actual treatment time over 120 minutes.

Once a week max.

These sessions are not hard on you, but takes concentration and attention to certain details from the operator. It is hard work physically and mentally. Because of this it is not uncommon for the first session to be done in almost complete silence, apart from the odd question directly related to the treatment. Please do not be offended if the staff do not want to ‘chat’ at times.

For electronic interference reasons. No cells phones, computers or E-Books allowed in the room. They will be locked away by the staff for safe keeping during the session. You can bring a magazine to read if you wish.

For best results, only one body part should be targeted over that 5 week period. Doing your whole body in 5 sessions is impossible so please do not even ask. We will simply think you are setting yourself up for unrealistic expectations. And you will be turned away.

Think about this. If we could make your whole body look completely different in 5 sessions. How much do you think we would be charging? The fact is to look like someone else or have someone elses body, you need surgery. We offer the chance at a better version of your present self.

Important note: Full commercial Cavitation should only be done for 5 sessions. Then a 4 month break to allow your body to complete the healing phase. At that point you may book in again if we see you are committed to the process.

Step 2 & 3

Vibra-Train and Vibra-Massage sessions 5 month membership.

You will be given access to the Vibra-Train product and you need to complete at least 2 sessions a week. A trainer will physically take you through the program or oversee you, depending on your level of confidence. The session will only take 15 minutes each. And you must eat before arrival.

The Vibra-Train sessions will involve a set series of set positions, each held for a minute each. Some hard, some very easy. These sessions do not require you to be cardio fit, but determination is the determining factor in how well this workout works (catchy and true )


Step 4

Post Cavitation Symbiosis Slimming Vitamin Cleanse.

This is a pure form of vitamin powder taken in a large glass or warm water on an empty stomach, preferably within 24 hrs of the Cavitation treatment. It has the effect of flushing your entire system clean and helping your body cope with the tasks ahead.
Please note: This cleanse has a different impact on everybody. It may take effect within an hour. Last for 3. Or take 3 hours to act, and last for 6. Your Symbiosis Slimming consultant will help clarify what this ‘effect’ will be.

So to clarify, for that $2000 we are about to spend 30 hours over the next few months working with you and on you. A partnership that is the essence of the very word Symbiosis.

By now you have probably worked out we are very serious about this technology and how you can best utilize it. If you decide to use Symbiosis Slimming after reading this website, you are already as serious as we are. So feel free to contact your local studio and set up your first session.

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