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Marketing Myth vs The Reality – Symbiosis Slimming

You will find a lot of information and videos plastered all over the internet about how Cavi Lipo technology melts fat and breaks it down into chemicals. Where your body magically transports them out of your body through your lymphatic system.

They also show size loss immediately in before and after photos. With this seemingly being the biggest ‘hook’ marketers are using to get new customers in the door.

The only problem being, neither of these promises are true.

Anti-Marketing Warning; If you wish to remain in La La Land and want to pretend we own a magic wand that can be waved over your wobbly bits, and instantly turn you into someone else. You are on the wrong website.


Some of the information below has been deliberately left out of Cavi Lipo marketing material. It is pretty easy to work out why.


Makes the fat disappear

The fat cells in your body only store chemicals. You either use them up as energy, or keep storing them. Rupturing a fat cell only allows the chemicals to be more instantly “bio-available” (ready to use). If you do not command your body to use these chemicals, they will just be stored elsewhere.

The answer of burning up this energy is simple. Exercise. But of course all really fit people and marketers love to gloss over the reality, which is you usually need a base level of fitness before you could possibly use up the amount of energy you need to see results. This level of fitness could take months to achieve … that is until Vibra-Train was invented.

What is Vibra-Train?

Quite simply it is a form of exercise that was specifically designed to burn up large amounts of energy in a short period of time. It was originally designed for people who were not athletes, who were not super coordinated or may have a reason why they cannot run or lift weights.

We even developed machines for people with medical or physical conditions where an upright position was needed to work out all major muscle groups at the same time. These machines move the muscles in the legs and arms 2500 times a minute. Not only using up large amounts of energy very quickly, but rapidly increasing fluid and blood movement within the skin and muscle tissue.

The Post Cavitation Full Body Activator pose should be done for 3 minutes, (in 1 minute bursts) straight after the treatment.

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It must be noted. When we say no-one else can offer this service it is not being anti-competitive or misleading. The exact machines designed for this work have never been sold to the public or gyms. Only licensed users have access to this equipment. We are so strict on vetting potential operators, most businesses never make it past the first application call.

So when Symbiosis Slimming locations say only they offer the Post Cavitation Full Body Activator. It is an engineering fact, not a marketing angle.

Your lymphatic system magically carries everything away

I see this in most videos selling the idea of Ultra-Sonic Fat Cavitation. And it sounds all good until you know some basics about how your lymphatic system works, and then apply a little logic to the claim.

Firstly … The lymphatic system is really only a very complicated series of pumps and filters. Muscles being the pumps and your lymph glands being the filters. One of its many tasks is helping dispose of toxins. It does not get all excited and start running on high speed just because you get a Cavi-Lipo session.

Secondly … Ok so you are bit over-weight and not that fit. How on earth is your system meant to handle not only your normal daily functions, but you are about to dump not only a large amount of fat into your system and every other toxin that happens to be sitting in that fat cell. Because that fat cell is basically like the garbage bag of your body. Anything it can’t process with ease, gets shoved in it.

Someone is about to do a spring clean. Think about it. How is a system that is already not working 100% meant to handle that?

Lastly … One of the things a lot of companies selling this idea fail to mention is quite a bit of the fat melts and collects in what we call ‘Lipid Balloons’. These are small pockets of fat where natural low circulation means it will not drain at all. Some of these balloons can actually be felt just under the skin and without extra help, can take up to 4 months to dissipate away.

The answer … You somehow have to create a hyper-circulation scenario within your muscles, skin and lymphatic system … which Vibra-Train has been specialising in for 10 years. Now normally this is a slight unpleasant side effect of Vibration Training and the massages that can be done on the machines. Not overly annoying but to people who don’t normally induce such a massive increase in circulation deliberately, it can be a little alarming at first. Lots of bright red skin and feeling like you are being bitten by ants.

The good news … The feeling only last a few minutes max.—50/red-skin-itchy-nose-or-swollen-hands

Losing size by the end of a session. I have seen the promo photos on the internet

This is the perfect definition of ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’. Sorry to say. But it was all water they lost.

Important note: This is why you will be told it is VERY important drink plenty of fluids before and after treatments. And by fluids we mean not just water. Electrolytes are imperative.

This is how it really works

Fatty tissue carries extra water inside and outside the fat cells. This is called extra-cellular and intra-cellular fluid. The more fat you have, the bigger the chance of fluid retention around that area. The heat from the Cavitation process vaporizes the water forcing it out of the area and into your system. Where you will pee it out. So yes technically you can lose size ‘immediately’. And it can also make it appear that you lose weight overnight. Only problem being, as part of the healing process of the cavitation treatment, the area treated acts as though it has just been burnt. And protects itself with a layer of fluid.

So you go down, then go back up again. Great for capturing those alluring marketing shots of instant weight loss. But definitely misleading to someone going through this process. And in fact can make you feel as though it has not worked at all.

How do you get around this?

Simple. You can’t. It is a healing process similar to getting a burn. You need that fluid to heal. You do not want to stop this process from taking place. You need to fully understand what you are asking your body to do.

In no BS terms, you are trying to reverse how many years of abuse, bad diet, no real exercise etc. You really think it was going to happen overnight?

Now why have we thrown information at you that potentially might make you think twice about using Symbiosis Slimming services. Well it is all in the endeavor of making you take this as serious as we do. So if you are still with us, keep reading.

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