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Ultrasound Cavitation & Radio-frequency Lipolysis – In laypersons terms

Explaining how this technology works, and what it does, is not that difficult to do. But it is no surprise that the consumer can read 20 websites on this subject and still be confused. That’s marketers for you. They are like sharks and feed on confusion, you being the poor fish. This is our company’s attempt to explain this technology in a way everybody can hopefully understand.

Lipolysis …

Fancy name for breaking down fat into the chemicals it is made up of.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

This is so simple to understand if explained correctly, anyone that has ever owned or used a stereo will get it …

If you look at most stereo speakers or surround sound systems you will see a few different sized speakers involved. The very large speakers ( usually in a box called a Sub Woofer ) are for deeper bass sounds. The mid sized speakers are for mid-range sounds, like the guitar or voices. If you visualized these sound waves in physical form it would look like a swell in the ocean. Maybe big and smooth or a little bit choppy. The very, very small speakers on a stereo are often called “tweeters”. These take care of very high pitched noises similar to a bird, small bell or what they call “treble”. If you visualized this in a physical form it would look like lots of little waves very close together on a pond. With ultrasound the waves are so closely packed together humans can no longer hear it through normal means ( transmitted through the air ). What is interesting about sound waves is they are still energy and can simply bounce off an object or break it apart. Depending on the frequency, strength or combination of both.

Within the medical field “ultrasound machines” can be tuned into doing everything from break up tumors, break up kidney stones, heat up deep tissue, watch muscles moving or bounce the signal off a baby’s head to send back an image ( an ultra-sound ). In the health and beauty sector these machines are mainly used to break up fat cells and do other nifty tricks we will talk about soon.

How exactly does it do that?

Firstly you must think of a fat cell as something like a beach ball, but full of fat and other nasty stuff instead of air. When the sonic wave hits the soft cell it bounces the cell back and forth hard and fast enough that it actually pops. This is called matching the resonance frequency of a cell. The effect is local and called a “cavitation point” This rapid movement also creates quite a lot of heat which helps melt the fat that has just come from within the fat cell and draws blood directly to the area. There you have it, you quite simply have a large amplifier (like your stereo) attached to a very high quality speaker that emits sound at the right frequency, duration and power to rupture a fat cell.

For this reason it is often referred to as a non-surgical liposuction.

Things you need to know about Cavitation energy …

A) Ultra Sonic Cavitation technology is not safe to use on everybody. There is a short list of contraindications and these can include having metal implants, having a pacemaker, being pregnant and some other serious illnesses. So always ask about these before you choose to do this type of treatment.

B) The specific frequency used only effects fat not muscle or bone or any other type of tissue. So you need to be using a machine designed for this exact purpose.

C) Ultra Sonic Cavitation can not be used on the chest, back or head. Because even though we said the frequency is so high you can not hear it normally, the vibrations are transferred directly into your bones, where your inner ear picks them up and turns them back into sound again. For anyone else in the room they can not hear the machine working, but for you it is like a dog whistle going off in your head. This is not damaging in any way, just annoying, but for obvious reasons it should not be put onto the head or over your lungs which in this scenario acts like a massive drum.

D) This technology is not new it is in-fact quite old and has a very, very good safety record. (this comment is directed at those people who love to scream out “it’s new so it can’t be good for you”)

RF (Radio-Frequency)

This technology is even simpler to explain

RF is a kind of electric current that travels back and forth in different directions. It can be applied in such a way that it travels through your entire body from one side and out the other or between a 10mm gap using a small hand piece, just along the surface of your skin. Similar to tuning into your radio this multi directional current can target fat cells and can cause the inside pressure and outside pressure to fluctuate so much it bursts. The great thing about this technology is it can basically be used on any body part including the face. Where Cavitation can not be used. It is quite often referred to as a non-surgical facelift because the heat generated not only promotes the production of brand new collagen but shortens the length of the existing collagen fibres helping ‘tighten’ the skin back up. There are many variances of this technology, but they all basically perform the same function. But as mentioned above, always seek the advice of an expert to what would best suit your needs and body parts you want treated.

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