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What quality of equipment does Symbiosis Slimming use?

A short rundown of these machines history is useful information you need to know as a consumer. This will help you understand what our demands are, and in turn what you are willing to pay for.

First generation machines …

Essentially clinical ultra sound machines modified to target fat cells. But a complete failure in the field due to one “missed” engineering issue. The original units were only ever designed to run for a few minutes max. Long enough to give a precise image of something inside your body. Similar to a sonar. Not the period of time needed to cause the Cavitation effect on fat everyone was looking for. This caused over heating of the electronics, burning the circuit boards out.

Note: These machines are still sold today as home use products. ( usually sold on TV or the internet ). With often false “limits” on how long to do cavitation for and the small size of area that could be treated at any one time. This is not based on what is safe or recommended by professionals. But when the machine might melt.

Second generation machines …

An attempt to fix the overheating issue by placing the electronics in a lager casing with a cooling fan did not go far enough. Subsequent upgrades to the circuits and hand pieces ( the speakers ) did allow the machines to function for longer periods, but constant failures caused havoc with appointment times, and consumers lost interest. Also once the limited warranty of only 12 months was up, the parts were very expensive, if they could be found at all.

It must be noted though. That when a customer and operator could achieve any consistency with treatments. The results were good.

Third generation …

The most “commercial” versions made to date were released. Now someone had obviously consulted an engineer, because they now came with not only 2 massive fans plus a radiator refrigeration unit built into the bottom of them. Which finally meant having the time needed for treating large areas like the abdomen ( tummy ) could be done in one go.

These machines could now also handle combining Ultra Sonic Cavitation with Radio frequency ( RF ) treatments. They have multiple separate hand pieces and functions that cater to treatments for the face and body. They have essentially become a true “tool of trade” for businesses who know how to use them properly. And by properly, we mean a full understanding of how this technology works, and its limits.

Important note: Quite a bit of marketing in this commercial sector has recently developed into a “stronger hence faster the machines can deliver results”, type of marketing strategy .The fact is all third generation machines are good, it is the operator and amount of time they are going to spend on you that will always make the difference.

Why? Because from a professional point of view, no matter how strong the device is, certain aspects of skin reaction takes approx. 20 minutes to surface ( a good operator is trained to spot these changes and adjust the treatment accordingly ). Having a machine that ‘blasts’ you for 10 minutes does not compensate for expertise. And it never will.

Vibra-Train has 10 years experience building and using the world’s strongest Vibration Training devices. And even we will tell you, these devices are basically useless without a good program and trainer.

Deliberate consumer confusion …

The old technology is cheap to make, so is often dressed up as third generation devices. e.g…..

  1. Large machines that are empty inside ( like a cruel birthday present )
  2. Multiple hand pieces that are all identical inside. Just with different rubber covers
  3. Machines sold for face and body treatments, that are only safe for the body
  4. Home machines sold as Commercial machines

Now to be fair. Some operators genuinely did not know the calibre of machine they were buying. After all unless you were an engineer, how would you know. Unfortunately most of these businesses will have to upgrade to offer a top service. Or be doomed to daily deal type prices and 20 minute sessions on very small areas.

What to look out for if you want the best results this technology has to offer …


  1. Machine about 4 foot tall
  2. 3 or more hand pieces. Specifically ask about the functions … Ultra Sonic & RF.
  3. How long is the machine going to be actually working on you? eg. Symbiosis Slimming complete 80 minutes of treatment over a 120 minute period.

There is a timer on all machines that only count down when energy is being delivered to the hand- piece. Ask to see this timer. ( As it is quite easy for an operator of substandard equipment to distract someone fluffing around and talking too much )

Now you as a consumer are armed with some good info to base a decision on. The kind of info any dodgy marketer will find hard to get around. Time to move on to what we ask of you.

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