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Why trust Symbiosis Slimming and use our services?

Well firstly you do not trust a company, you trust the people behind it.

The same people behind Symbiosis Slimming are those who designed, developed and launched Vibra-Train. The world’s first commercial vibration training platform and studio system. Including all the commonly used principles and safety measures used in the Vibration Training industry globally. We literally wrote the book.

Our painstaking attention to detail and willingness to do our homework before we jump into a market, has allowed us to take on our competitors and win hands down. But it hasn’t been easy. When other fitness companies made the decision to import and sell fake plastic Vibration Training equipment ( because it was cheaper ) Vibra-Train refused to take part. Even though it was deemed financial suicide by the self-appointed marketing experts.

The kind of patience and honesty needed to develop Vibra-Train over the last decade, has allowed us to wait for the Ultra Sonic and RF technology Symbiosis Slimming uses, to catch up to our uncompromising demands.

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